More is more?

Amid speculation around the future of sports media rights, the Premier League has grown its domestic deal by 4%.  But beneath the headline is a concerning trend – the value per match is falling and now stands at 62% of its 2016-19 peak.  

More matches have been required to maintain revenues, but with the best matches already televised, new games are inevitably less attractive for fans meaning a decline in per match values is to be expected. And with fewer games untelevised, that well is now running dry.

‘More is more’ is a popular growth strategy, often requiring a change of format (e.g. Cricket Australia’s Big BashUEFA’s Champions League).  But if the world’s leading sports property had to increase volume to simply maintain values, other rights holders may need to consider more radical action to navigate the choppy waters ahead.  

An open-minded approach to product innovation is required.

By Ben Marlow
Chief Strategy Officer 

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