Our core

We deliver groundbreaking sports intelligence and actionable insights to drive sporting success and unlock commercial value.

Although our approach is always bespoke, we specialise in the following areas:

Performance Intelligence

We work with athletes, teams, brands, agencies and investors to identify and value talent, improve performance, conduct due diligence, deliver sporting excellence and maximise upside.

Competition Structure

We deliver insights and evidence-based strategy to help rightsholders structure competitions and optimise schedules, igniting the passion of fans and maximising commercial potential.

Commercial insight

We unlock value for commercial teams and investors by using our intelligence engine and strategic capabilities to strengthen the connections between the sporting ‘product’ and revenue.

Audience Engagement

We help rightsholders, media, brands and betting & gaming companies identify and connect with key audiences through predictive, performance insight-driven content that drives new revenue streams.

Capability Driven

The way we work is as important as what we do.