F1 must strive to revive its sporting product

Formula One’s 2023 season concluded in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, with Max Verstappen securing his 19th Grand Prix victory of the year. The Red Bull driver’s dominance this season – winning 86% of GPs, the most in F1 history – has been impressive, but it has undermined F1’s product.

Fan interest in F1 thrives on unpredictability and close competition. With the sustained absence of jeopardy, engagement declines; this year, with fewer tight finishes and unexpected outcomes, searches for race highlights on YouTube have not reached the heights of the last two seasons.

Awareness of this challenge is clear, with calls to introduce additional rules on tyre compound usage, make sprint races more meaningful, and heighten the focus on achievements such as most overtakes. With regulation changes – and potential disruption to the established order – not coming until 2026, F1 must strive to revive its product or risk stunting commercial growth.

By Louis D’Costa
Senior Consultant

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