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The Three Football Clubs You Should be Buying: FT Business of Football Summit Presentation – Part 2


By Omar Chaudhuri

March 17, 2022

Thought Leadership

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Welcome to part 2 of Twenty First Group’s presentation on investing in football at the Financial Times Business of Football Summit in London, and the three football clubs that as an investor you should be looking at buying today. 

In the first part of Chief Intelligence Officer Omar Chaudhuri’s presentation, we considered the importance of sporting performance on the creation of long-term value for investors. Using a case study to show the expensive consequences of misunderstanding sporting performance, we highlight the significance of conducting sporting due diligence throughout the investment process.  

With this in mind we are excited to share part two and announce three clubs in European football that you should be buying! 

The three clubs are…

Evaluating the market with a sports performance lens can identify clubs who are better positioned than their current position in their league and within the broader footballing pyramid might suggest. 

As a result of this up-front work, immediately these clubs provide a much larger growth potential and ROI for investors, as they are more likely to unlock greater commercial value through their sporting success. 

Conducting sporting due diligence is not only useful when identifying clubs. It proves significantly valuable throughout the entire transaction process and can materially help in negotiations.

If you would like to find out more about the football club investment process or want to explore investing in a club please get in touch with AJ Swoboda or Omar Chaudhuri.

You can watch the first part of the presentation here and you can read an example about our work in sports transactions here.