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The Three Football Clubs You Should be Looking to Buy: FT Business of Football Summit Talk – Part One


By Omar Chaudhuri

March 10, 2022

Thought Leadership

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So you want to buy a football club? But with so many clubs out there, how do you know which clubs you should be looking at purchasing? What criteria makes a football club investment a smart investment? 

Twenty First Group’s Chief Intelligence Officer Omar Chaudhuri recently gave a presentation at the Financial Times Business of Football Summit in London on investment in football and the three football clubs that as an investor you should be looking at buying today. 

The importance of sporting performance in the investment process

While there are many areas and criteria that need to be considered when evaluating and identifying a football club to invest in, sporting performance should be the biggest focus throughout the investment process. This is because on-field performance is the only lever to unlock the most important revenue stream for most clubs – media rights revenue – but also because the perception of performance can be significantly different from the reality, and therefore can drive poor investment decisions.

Watch the first part of the presentation to see a case study of how misunderstanding sporting performance can have expensive consequences:

We will be unveiling who the three clubs are in due course so please keep an eye out across our channels to find out who they are. 

If you would like to find out more about the football club investment process or want to explore investing in a club please get in touch with Omar Chaudhuri or AJ Swoboda