Published February 2nd, 2023

Twenty First Group Player Valuation and Price Models used for player impairment reviews

Twenty First Group’s newly-released Player Valuation and Price Model is being used to support clubs with assessing impairment charges for players within the first team squad.

The models, which accounts for factors including player performance, age, position, contract status and injury among other factors, are calibrated based on previous transactions, and have an 85% correlation with actual fees paid. 

The models are backdated to previous transfer windows and can, where appropriate, account for the impact of Covid-19 on player values. This information has been used by clubs to account for lost profits due to Covid, due to an inability to sell players, as well as the associated amortisation and wage impact of these failed sales.

The models allow us to take an independent, objective and unbiased view on player valuations, which can support clubs in submitting evidence to auditors and governing bodies.

If you would like to find out more about how Twenty First Group can support with Impairment Reviews, please get in touch with us.

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