Emma Hayes leaves the WSL stronger than ever before

As the European football season draws to a close, we shouldn’t forget the end of a defining era in the women’s game. Emma Hayes departs English football as a 7-time champion and leaves behind a league now excelling on the three pillars that underpin a successful sporting product:

  • Quality: Reflected by the league’s highest-ever pass completion rate (79%), and the best globally. The league also has 20% of the world’s best 250 players, per TFG’s Player Ratings.
  • Jeopardy: Reflected by an all-time low average goal difference in matches of 1.8
  • Connection: Reflected by attendances surging by by 35% compared to last season, with the WSL now comfortably boasting the biggest crowds in Europe

WSL clubs’ revenues are still modest, but quality, jeopardy and connection are lead indicators of future commercial success, giving hope that financial sustainability is a realistic long-term ambition for the league and its clubs.

By Aurel Nazmiu
Senior Data Scientist

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