Masters of grabbing attention

Scarcity is a significant driver of value for golf’s majors: long-standing rituals formed and appointments-to-view set in stone for the avid golf fan.

But the Masters has a unique and unparalleled ability to connect the casual fan too – the spectacular Augusta National Golf Club a consistent actor in this brilliant production.

Beyond the draw of the enviable flora, expect strong viewing figures as fans flock to see a returning champion seeking to repeat his 2023 efforts alongside his LIV peers.

The Masters should also be congratulated on their fan-first commitment. They have flexed their unique eligibility criteria, enabling Joaquin Niemann to qualify. It would have been a crime for him to miss out this week because of his OWGR standing; our model ranks him 12th in the world, well above his official rank of 93.

As for the elusive jacket, I think Lowry would look great in green!

By Dan Zelezinski
Chief Commericl Officer 

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