‘Data’ is not enough…

By now most people have seen the positive impact that being data-centric can have on sporting performance.  In football, the tales of Brighton, Brentford, Liverpool and Manchester City have been told and retold; and proven out in league tables. These 4 teams have outperformed similar-spending clubs by an average of 13 points per season (2019-2023).

Data Source: Off the Pitch, estimated cost data for FY22 and FY23

However, there is a risk of attributing their success to simply having more data than their competitors. The best organisations in this space convert data into insight. They demonstrate excellence across 5 core pillars, of which access to accurate, relevant Data is only one.

The other 4 pillars organisations need to excel in are:

  • People: having access to the right skills and experiences
  • Process: using insight consistently during decision-making processes
  • Technology: infrastructures which enable rapid access to insight org-wide
  • IP: building IP which converts data into the insight needed

By Will Wright
Senior Consultant

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