Athlete Sponsorship Valuation

Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi were recently anticipated to face off in a friendly dubbed as ‘The Last Dance’. Although they may no longer be the best two players in the world, they still capture the hearts of fans across the globe. Beyond their skill on the pitch, they embody captivating narratives and global appeal, making them invaluable assets to brands. 

Our predictions suggest that these two will remain the highest earners from endorsement deals in 2024. Saudi Pro League (9) and MLS (3) make up 12 players from the top 100, with the Premier League (29) leading the way.

Having an objective measure of estimated sponsorship deals enables more informed decision-making in the dynamic and competitive landscape of sports sponsorships. This can range from forecasting the biggest risers in the next 12 months (Gabriel Martinelli, according to our model) and empowering athletes in contract negotiations to maximising value extraction for brands.

By Aurel Nazmiu
Senior Data Scientist

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