Darts demonstrates the power of jeopardy

This week the PDC World Darts Championship generated TV audiences in the UK comparable to Premier League matches and greater than the Ryder Cup and Ashes

16-year-old Luke Littler’s surprise run to the final helped, but that darts can generate seven-figure audiences is fundamentally due to the jeopardy generated by the format of the sport. 

With seconds remaining in the two-hour final, underdog Littler still had a meaningful chance (better than 1-in-5) of winning. Darts’ legs and sets format and pace of play keeps fans guessing until the last.

Jeopardy is intangible but measurable. Some of the best sport in the past year – the Rugby World Cup quarter finals, Solheim Cup, IPL final – all had close to 50/50 odds at their climax.

Jeopardy shouldn’t be manufactured, but it can be encouraged. Prize money distribution, rules and regulations, and formats can all be modelled and implemented to deliver it.

By Omar Chaudhuri
Chief Intelligence Officer 

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