• New product developed in response to growing demand from rightsholders to optimise competition schedules
  • TFG Scheduler_ deploys Machine Learning to create an entire end-to-end schedule for competitions, optimising their sporting excitement, fan engagement and commercial potential

Twenty First Group, global leaders in bespoke sports intelligence, has today launched the TFG Scheduler_, a first of its kind product developed in response to growing demands from rightsholders to leverage cutting edge technology in order to optimise their competition schedules in a timely and cost-effective manner.  Using TFG’s proprietary Intelligence Engine and deploying state of the art Machine Learning models, the TFG Scheduler_ supports rightsholders and competition organisers to ensure that their schedules maximise sporting excitement and therefore fan engagement, while not compromising on sporting integrity or the constraints of the competition. 

TheTFG Scheduler_has been developed to work across multiple sports and competition formats and is able to deliver bespoke scheduling solutions which respond to rightsholders’ unique requirements and constraints, including adapting schedules mid-season.  The predictive capability of the TFG Scheduler_ also means that schedules can be built around key value drivers (title races, key matches, relegation fights) helping rightsholders unlock additional revenue around key moments of sporting jeopardy.  For competition organisers, the key benefits of the TFG Scheduler_ are:

  • Multi-sport: Can be deployed across all major sports
  • Commercial value: Allocates the best games and the best talent to the best time slots to maximise sporting excitement, viewership and attendances
  • Bespoke: provides bespoke solutions which respond to the unique characteristics and constraints of multiple sporting formats
  • Predictive: future-facing technology allows rightsholders to predict and build schedules around the games and match-ups that matter, therefore minismining dead-rubbers and maximising sporting jeopardy
  • Flexible: can be responsive to enforced changes (e.g. weather cancellations, match abandonments) during mid-season or mid-tournament
  • Efficiency: delivers solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner

  On launching the TFG Scheduler_, Ben Marlow (TFG’s Chief Strategy Officer and MD of Asia-Pacific) said:

“Twenty First Group has been providing Competition Intelligence services to multiple rightsholders across many sports for over 5 years.  On a daily basis we see that as sport competes in the attention economy it is more important than ever that sports formats and schedules are optimised so as to make the sporting product as exciting and accessible as possible, maximising fan engagement and commercial value while protecting sporting integrity.  But we also know that rightsholders’ budgets are under more pressure than ever before and that changing a sporting schedule or format is an incredibly complex, commercially sensitive and time-consuming exercise with many constraints.  That’s why we’re really proud to be able to launch a product like the TFG Scheduler_.  It uses sophisticated Machine Learning to cut through complexity and provide bespoke solutions that maximise sporting excitement, jeopardy and fan connection, but it does so in a timely and cost effective way”.

For more information please contact Ben Marlow, Chief Strategy Officer and MD of Asia Pacific, at

About Twenty First Group: Twenty First Group offers Advisory, Content and Brokerage services in sport, delivering groundbreaking sports intelligence and actionable insights to drive sporting success and unlock commercial value.  We provide bespoke and tailored approaches in four areas of expertise: Performance Intelligence, Competition Intelligence, Fan Connection and Investment Intelligence.

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