Published May 24, 2023

The Product – A TFG x Unofficial Partner Podcast Series

We are excited to announce that Twenty First Group has joined forces with the leading sports business podcast in the industry, Unofficial Partner, to explain through a 4-part podcast series why we believe that the quality of the sporting product is the ultimate driver of long-term value in sport.

Over the course of the series we will be taking a deep-dive into what we think are the three essential pillars that underpin successful sporting products: Quality, Jeopardy and Connection. Whether you’re a Sporting Director or club owner trying to secure a competitive edge, a rights holder striving to differentiate your competition or a Sports Marketer trying to connect with a new audience, getting the product right is fundamental in understanding your path to shaping tomorrow, today. So this series is a must-listen for you!

The series follows on from our recent launch of the TFG World Sports Rankings, which are an open and accessible resource for industry professionals, ranking sports products – sportspeople, teams, and competitions – according to their respective levels of Quality, Jeopardy and Connection. This enables industry leaders to begin to understand where their sports are today and how to re-shape their products in the future to embed long-term success.

Episode 1 is out now and you listen to it via Unofficial Partner here.

You can view the TFG World Sports Rankings here.

Why Does the Product Matter?

Sport is changing. After decades of soaring interest and revenues, growth is no longer a given. We believe that focusing on the strength of the sporting product is now the key to unlocking long-term commercial value. 

At Twenty First Group we believe successful sporting products maximise three essential pillars:

  • Quality – fans are inspired by the best 
  • Jeopardy – fans want the thrill of uncertainty 
  • Connection – fans want a reason to care 

Evidence shows that maximising these three fundamental pillars results in greater sporting success, ignites the passion of fans and unlocks commercial value.

If you would like to find out more about the series or the TFG World Sports Rankings please get in touch.

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