The FIFA World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world, with this year’s edition in Qatar unique in so many ways; even for a competition with as much history as the World Cup. It will be the first tournament to ever be hosted in the Middle East, as well as it being the first tournament hosted in the middle of the European football season. These factors will present new challenges for competing nations and fresh interest for fans across the globe. 

Through the power of data, rights holders and broadcasters can better connect fans with sporting narratives, teams can identify key performance trends that can give them a better chance of success, and competition governing bodies and rights holders can identify and explore ways of heightening the jeopardy and excitement of their competitions. Regardless of your place in the sporting ecosystem, the smart use of data can deliver a better sporting product, which unlocks further commercial value.

As with every World Cup, we are all looking ahead to the tournament with excitement, and trying to predict what is going to happen and who the teams and players to watch are going to be.

With the help of the TFG Intelligence Engine we have analysed and identified the narratives that are set to underpin the tournament story, taken a look at what it takes to win a World Cup, and explored what changes could be made to the World Cup format and the impact they could have on the tournament.

Discover our FIFA World Cup insights below:

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