Purpose-driven investment
informed by data

Supporting the investment process through strategic insights into the market


Prior to investing in Right to Dream, the Mansour family wanted to gain a better understanding of the opportunities presented by the purpose-driven group, validating some of the key trends and inefficiencies around talent development and access.

“You guys are such a class act. Thanks for your help in landing the deal.”


Leveraging TFG’s intelligence engine and football models, we provided a perspective on the future of talent in European and global football.

Specifically, we delivered insight on the changing demand for talent, and the impact of growing transfer revenue on clubs’ business models. This was reassessed after the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, based on remodelling of transfer prices and demand.

We also utilised TFG’s player-level models in order to evaluate the quality of talent produced by Right to Dream both currently and historically, validating the potential of operating clubs that were dominated by homegrown talent, especially in the context of inefficiencies in the global market today.


Supporting both Right to Dream management and the Mansour family throughout the process, the deal was concluded in January 2021, with the explicit aim of expanding the group’s impact in talent development.

“You guys are such a class act. Thanks for your help in landing the deal.”

In the media

In the media