Finding the
right match

Generating new value through adapting the league’s fixture schedule


Long-term partners DAZN (broadcaster) and J-League (rightsholder) wanted to grow the commercial value of the league. Following some preliminary analysis, we identified the schedule as an opportunity to attract more fans watching on TV and in stadiums. We were engaged to find ways to optimise the schedule.


We analysed previous schedules to identify key drivers of viewership across timeslot, day of the week, brand strength of the teams, match context and so on. Using this information, we built a schedule optimisation model specific to J-League that uses machine learning to comply with key constraints and drive maximum value to both league and broadcaster.

One specific area of focus was in analysing the benefits of finding an additional weekday evening slot to increase viewership.


Our evidence convinced J-League to trial a Monday night slot, along with other changes. This will happen in the second half of the 2021 season.

In the media

In the media