Driving transfer market
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Demonstrating value through performance intelligence


A top talent agency were negotiating an England u21 international’s move away from a bottom half team, following their relegation from the Premier League.  To help transfer discussions with interested clubs, the agency wanted to better understand the player’s performance to support the business case for the player’s move.


Using our Intelligence Engine, we analysed the player’s performance both quantifying his importance to his team’s results and benchmarking his performance across a number of key metrics to relevant players playing both in the Premier League and in Europe.

This enabled the player’s agents to bring objective information to the negotiating table to support negotiations around the transfer fee and player contract, ensuring that they were the most well-informed party at the negotiating table.


Our analysis created a clear, robust and objective case for buying clubs to consider, and was a key factor in eventually securing the player a multi-million pound move to an English club competing in European competitions, where he has since been a key player for the team, playing over 90% of games in the subsequent four seasons.

In the media

In the media