Supporting player contract

Helping to realise earning potential through understanding the true performance level


The representatives of one the Premier League’s finest, young English players were eager to fully understand the player’s existing and future performance levels to support their negotiation strategy.


Using our statistical models within our Intelligence Engine, we analysed the player’s existing performance at one of the Premier League’s ‘top 6’ clubs to understand his market value.  We used this as the baseline from which to project his long term performance potential, predicting how his performance across key metrics (e.g. goals, assists etc) was likely to develop.

To achieve this, we identified the performance improvement of relevant benchmark players to help predict how the player was likely to develop in the coming years, assigning a potential future market value based on various scenarios.  This created a robust, evidence-based case for the value of the player which helped to inform his representatives in key contract and transfer negotiations.


After our work was completed, the player secured a record move to one of the League’s strongest teams – he has since played a central role his new team’s significant success.

In the media

In the media