Cutting through the clutter with
Risk and Reward

Building connection with performance insights


Aon’s flagship PGA Tour activation, the Risk Reward Challenge, needed a deeper view into the benefits of key decisions that golfers make week-in and week-out.


Using our industry-leading golf intelligence capability, we unearthed the PGA Tour’s most interesting insights and transformed them into a narrative that highlighted Aon’s brand message of key decision-making across broadcast, digital, and social channels.

We created scripts for on-air talent and insights to generate content on CBS, NBS, Sky Sports, and PGA TOUR LIVE, giving fans new perspectives on courses they thought they already knew well.


The Challenge went live January 2021 during live PGA Tour coverage, and received significant interest placing Aon as a brand at the centre of calculating risk in a golfing context.

In the media

In the media