Scheduling for Jeopardy

Schedules are as complicated as they are important.  Effective schedules are workable, fair to all teams, convenient for fans and effective at maximising jeopardy.

Jeopardy occurs when high stakes meet uncertainty.  Take the title race, for example – when should the two favourites meet? Too early, and it’s rarely a decider (low stakes).  Too late, and the race may be over (no uncertainty).

The 2023/24 fixture lists across the Big Five Leagues reflect this.  The closer the title race according to our projections, the later in the season the match between the two favourites.

Raise the stakes by leaving it late or ensure the race is still live by playing it early?  Getting the balance right is one of many things that go into a great schedule, and those who recognise the need to optimise for both sporting and commercial outcomes will win in the long run.

By Ben Marlow
Chief Strategy Officer 

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