Messi’s MLS Impact

With Inter Miami’s historical signings this week, it is important to consider how the new arrivals impact the long-term substance of MLS. In Sportico, we’ve explored what these latest developments mean for the club and league as a whole. In summary.

Messi’s signing flexes the power of a single-entity league structure. It ticks all the boxes for Miami, but does not help MLS address two key areas that may pose a problem around the time the Apple media deal ends. 

Quality – Messi’s arrival materially improves the quality of Miami, but minimally impacts the quality of the league. 

Jeopardy – Miami’s chances of reaching the MLS Cup Playoffs next season increase by 10x. But at the league level, overall sporting jeopardy is unchanged.

Connection – Messi amplifies the connection both Miami and MLS have with fans. Unsurprisingly, this is already paying dividends across almost all commercial facets of both entities.

By AJ Swoboda 
Managing Director

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