CHALLENGE – London Spirit asked us to work with them to identify the best combination of players to retain and recruit, to maximise their chances of success ahead of the 2024 Hundred season.

SOLUTION – Cricket franchise teams require comprehensive, data-driven models to quantify both the quality and value of players inside their squad, as well as prospective new players. Using our Cricket Performance Intelligence services, we worked with the analytics and management teams at London Spirit, using metrics including match and player vs. player simulations, win probabilities and expected results metrics to advise on squad decisions.

IMPACT – The project involved a thorough, quantitative review of options available to London Spirit, both validating and challenging decisions through our models. London Spirit had a successful draft, in line with the TFG model’s recommendations, given the balance and needs of the Spirit squad.

Cricket franchises increasingly need to look to differentiating, data-driven models to advise on squad selection, game strategy and in-play tactics. We’re delighted with the depth and flexibility of the TFG models and the quality of the consultancy.’  Fraser Stewart (GM London Spirit).

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